Petal Harlow is the "Boho" in "Boho Art Tarot." 

Petal Harlow is a concept that I am still working on. I make colorful home decor items, and jewelry, and sell upcycled and vintage clothing. 

Originally this concept was called The Glittering Gypsy. Unfortunately, I was informed that this is very un-PC, especially in Europe (where I don't live). I tried for a few years to scooch by, claiming that at least part of my heritage is "gypsy," which it may or may not be, even though my DNA reports claim some heritage from those areas of the Globe. Of course I doused and threw the tarot, and ... I had to change the name.

I will be posting my items, as they are created, in my blog. As well, they will be for sale in the Shop section of this website. Meanwhile, you can visit Petal Harlow by clicking on the circles below.