Dazzling Downloads

Well, jeez, it's been so long since I have posted. And the reason for that is likely because I am working a side job and am not in my studio making art. This side job, er, um, may just be the death of me yet! I cannot get used to the schedule, and by that I mean the getting up early. I have tried everything from going to bed early to herbs and even pharmaceuticals, but No! Nothing really works. I have two serious illnesses which do not really appreciate me not getting more than five hours of sleep a night. I want to quit, but the money is going towards a trip we're taking in July. We're seriously thinking of moving to Tennessee! I almost quit the job today, giving one day's notice, but I was in a good mood, believe it or not, after an extremely stressful evening last night. I figure I can always quit, any day, so these people are I guess lucky that I haven't left them in the lurch this week. Next week might tell another story. I am not a quitter, but they have no idea about my medical conditions because I never really share them with anybody; but, when I don't really *need* the job and people present me with continual BS, I'm pretty incentivized to say "sayonara;" it does add up, you know?

And while I'm at it, I'd like to respond to any naysayers who might claim that I'm not a real artist because I have a "day job," or take contract jobs from time to time, etc. Well, honeys, I don't have a husband to fund my art like so many of you do. Please take a look in the mirror and see how entitled you look. That's all for now. Bye.

Anyway, I cannot leave this post without saying something about my art, and that is just going to have to be that you can see my art on Etsy at Dazzling Downloads, or www.etsy.com/shop/dazzlingdownloads. Here, you will find low-priced downloads of my art, as well as the ability to buy prints on paper, which will be shipped by a third party. I will soon be uploading more of my most recent art on there as well. 

As for putting anything up for sale on Etsy that is physical in nature, that I have to ship myself, I will not be doing that. Like, ever. The reason being that the Post Office currently sucks. I am in an Etsy group on Facebook, and all I ever see are requests by shop owners on how to handle disgruntled customers whose packages are late thanks to Louis de Joy and his attempted destruction of the US Post Office. For this, Etsy will downgrade and even terminate your shop because these disgruntled customers leave bad feedback, etc. Not happening. When I do place things up for sale that I actually have to ship myself, and it doesn't get there in time, you can complain directly to me and I will remedy it. I do not need to sit and bite my fingernails over how Etsy is going to treat me and my shop. 

Anyway, I won't be back in the studio until June 1st. I am not sure what I will posting until then, but I will probably try to say something or other in the meantime, but certainly not on a weekly basis. In fact, it might be touch and go for awhile because if we do move, it will be in October, and I'll also have to take a large break around then as well.

In the meantime, stay well!