The Good Ship

Can we talk about Music for a minute? I mean, Shout Out to Roberta Flack! If you remember, she wrote and sang the song, The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face), which IMHO basically sounds like a soulful hymn to the creator. The song is so deep and grandiose and powerful. It basically contains the Universe. I actually saw the goddess herself perform it under the stars at Tanglewood when I was 13 years old and at camp in the Berkshires. Talk about mind-blowing. 

I always forget how much I love music. I have this little speaker that I take with me to the office / studio and basically just rock out and paint all day. The music is on my phone, and the speaker is about 9" tall, and I just throw it into my bag. Have music, will travel.

I played the electric guitar in high school and was in a band that never performed, lol. I have not picked up a guitar since then. But here is a lucky story. A few apartments ago, maybe 4-5 years ago, there was this little ledge that people would leave stuff on rather than throw it away, so that others could come and take it if they wanted. One day, I ended up right there when this young couple was unloading a brand new electric guitar, a brand new acoustic guitar, and the 50 CD set on how to play it. I mean it was brand-spanking new. It was, I guess, a Keith Urban set from QVC. The electric guitar is bright blue, both guitars have his name engraved on the back, they both have cases, and I also got an amp and straps. I mean, SCORE! Amirite? I finally tuned the acoustic and am about ready to sit down and learn how to play it again. I have already written words to some ridiculous little ditties I want to perform on TikTok, one-minute renditions about things like Why Did My Plastic Surgeon Have to Die Before I Had the Chance to Get a Facelift? and to my dead parents, Where the F*** Did U Go? Stuff like that.

At the complete other end of the spectrum, I watched Seduced on Starz the other night. Four episodes about the Nexium cult and it's leader Keith Raniere. OK, so Keith Raniere is your basic charming sociopath. Who knows where he was going with the sex slavery, branding and other nefarious stuff, except straight over a cliff and into jail for 120 years. At one point, there was a clip of him playing the piano and ... it was transporting. How can such beautiful music come out of so sick a man? I can barely understand it. "Humans are very complicated beings," as my Significant Other would say.

So, back to Art. There are several, like 10 - 12 paintings that are still laying around unfinished at the studio. Frankly, I'd like to tackle them before heading off into Oracle Deck land. Just because I think it will help my final process and results with the deck. I brought them all in to the office and photographed the Befores this morning. I actually finished this one today:

Here is the Before:

When I sat down this morning, I had no idea where I was going with it. It was also kind of partitioned, which made it more difficult to come up with a cohesive idea.

So, I glazed in a pink background and found this large yellow raindrop-bulb-shaped thingy laying around, so I put it there ...

... and kept it there as I added some yellow-orange to tie-in more with the yellow bulb thingy.

And then I added some green and some half bubbles on the right.

I kept thinking, "That bulb is just too big to be a flower; so, then I decided that it was an air balloon and glued it down.

Almost finished ...

and Finished:

China Carnella - The Good Ship - Painting

I added a few more dots and dashes.

I call it Good Ship. The Before is very different from the After. If I had finished this when I started it, several years ago, it would have no doubt ended up a totally different painting. 

In a week and a half I start a two-month contract job outside the house. Unfortunately, it will take away time from painting in my office studio, but on the other hand, it will actually pay for the office studio, which is nice. It's basically an unsupervised job, so I will bring a sketchbook and pencil and spend the day creating 'icons' or characters for my oracle cards, while keeping my other eye on the screen for work. 

The world works in mysterious ways. I am obviously being shown a way to get down to brass tacks on the Oracle Deck. Since I don't plan to share these until they are almost done, I will do my best to continue posting - hopefully at least once a week or so. I'll more than likely be posting my Boho, Petal Harlow, items and putting them in the shop for sale. Then I will be free all summer.