New Abstract Painting


My new "job" has taken away from time in the studio, yet I do find that the Saturdays I get to spend there are quite productive. I worked on a new abstract, which originally looked like so:

China Carnella Art Blog Tutorial

Although I love elephants, I did not really like her in this piece, so I strove to cover her up. I was in love with the border, so I tried to unify the piece using the same colors to cover the black area.

China Carnella Art Blog Tutorial

It's a start. So, then I found a few papers I had lying around, cut-ups from old paintings on paper, etc.

China Carnella Art Blog Tutorial

I cut and placed them on the canvas and glued them down.

China Carnella Art Blog Tutorial

I then finalized the piece, unifying it, and adding details and flourishes. I call it Tower of Power.

China Carnella Abstract Painting Tower of Power

With all that being said, I'd like to introduce you to my cat, Cupcake.

China Carnella's Cat Cupcake

Cupcake likes to be on top of things, lol. If I'm sewing, she's on top of it. If I'm painting, she's right there. If I am doing a reading, she's right in my lap, watching the pendulum swing.

Not to diminish my little Cupcake in any way, but someday I may need to get one of these as well:

China Carnella's Art Blog Darling White Cat

So, here is a preview of what is to come along in my Petal Harlow line. This is the rack of clothing set for dyeing, upcycling, and embellishing. I have racks and stacks of fabrics, trims, beads, sequins, etc. for this purpose:

China Carnella Petal Harlow Home & Fashion Line

I have already made a ton of stuff, which I'll likely feature in upcoming posts, since I have less time to paint these days.

See you soon!