Narwhal Time

So, on my last foray into the office studio, I was able to finish up three paintings (and ruin two, at least until further notice, lol):

Candy Trees started out like this:

and ended up like this:

China Carnella Painting - Candy Trees

I basically just touched it up and went over the original idea with more paint and care.

Next up is Lotus Me, which was basically finished when I started to finish it (got that?). I pretty much knew that all I had to do with it was color in the Lotus in the center:

and here it is:

China Carnella painting - Lotus Me

So, in these finished versions, they do look a bit neater than the originals. I totally blend the collaged edges together in Photoshop, and straighten things out, etc. I scan and "clean" these digitally before actually "finishing" them in real life. On the physical paintings, because they are dimensional, I place a thick layer of gloss gel medium, higher than the highest layer of collage, so that the surface then becomes one-dimensional. Then I seal it, usually with gloss varnish. I do like sparkle, and glossy shine. If you ever purchase an original from me, you have the option (on my later paintings) to request a matte finish, as I usually don't "finish" these until they are sold.

Third, and lastly, there is Narwhal Time:

Narwhal Time started out as the view from inside a spaceship, lol, but since that is absolutely NOT a saleable concept, I had to change this painting a bit:

The white parts had already been gessoed out, so there's that to remember.

Here is Narwhal Time, finished:

The painting somehow lent itself to becoming a Narwhal. The bottom piece is an old page of collage I made, and cut into waves. It's cute, right? Somehow, my art tends towards the juvenile, and I am wondering what that says about my mental capacities, lol. But I gotta be me, right?

Any way, I actually finished another painting, an abstract. I'll post it next time, perhaps with another, much larger piece, that is a fun portrait of a woman.

On a separate note, I had a run-in with the folks on Facebook who are now claiming that the words "Bohemian" and "Boho" are also racial slurs, just like "Gypsy" is. Depending on what kind of reactions I get to using the word "Boho" on my blog, I may have to change the name of my blog.