Finished Paintings

I have a ton of paintings lying around unfinished from years ago.

I pulled five from the stack to work on in my office studio in the last week and a half.

You can see all the collage work I do, with all my own papers. Do take note of my Total Babe ruler below! This is the most ironic thing I own and I am in love with it :)

I spent today cleaning up these five paintings in Photoshop. Another thing I did today was install my Intuos pen tablet that has been lying around new in the box for over three years. It turns out that it is still compatible with my Mac (where I am stuck at High Sierra), but that it might not work with my edition of Photoshop, which was the last outrightly-purchasable Creative Suite before they went to the Cloud. It worked OK today for the most part. I can also use my mouse if it gets cranky. At some point I will have to think about upgrading to the Cloud for the tablet, but that will necessitate a new Mac because the Adobe Cloud won't work on my older operating system.

Anyway, here are the unfinished, and then the finished versions of each painting I did most recently:

This one is called Four Flowers

China Carnella Four Flowers painting

Then there's House By the Sea

China Carnella House By the Sea painting

And then there's Diamond Sea

China Carnella Diamond Sea painting

The next one is Arizona Sunset

China Carnella Arizona Sunset painting

Finally, there is Desert Icebergs

China Carnella Desert Icebergs painting

I am glad that I finished these, though I am definitely ready to move on. These little ones are only 6 x 6. I have a few 12 x 12's that I will work on next week, and then I should be done finishing old paintings.

I will then be fast at work on my Oracle Deck, and likely to post my Boho items that I've created over the last few years to the blog.

Until then...