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Why Bother Unless It Makes You Money?

This is a common refrain that we, as artists, hear from relatives and well-meaning friends. I think an artist has to weigh their desire to accomplish their project more with how much angst it will entail rather than whether or not it will eventually make them some money. Because, let's face it, we make art because we love to do it. In this vein, take, for instance, my oracle deck. Currently I am stuck. I have 55 concepts that I want to include in the deck. It will be a deck that I think will encompass pretty much every concept necessary in giving a thorough reading. It is unlike the Tarot, in that it is not so arcane. In other words, no "4 of Cups." It is more like the Le Normand deck, but instead of concrete nouns like "Birds, Bears, and Mice," it will have concept nouns like "Transformation, Lassitude, and Joy." This is pretty standard for an Oracle Deck, so nothing new here. I have also included the concepts within the Major Arcana, which many oracl

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