Where You Can Find My Art



Please visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ChinaCarnellaFineArt to see what I am up to. I will be posting some of my originals for sale there. Look for Free Shipping Friday. If you “Like” me on Facebook from your personal (not your business) page, and you want to purchase any original, just wait until a Friday to purchase it. Free Shipping Friday includes up to $10 in shipping costs free, so it will cover shipping costs on everything smaller than a 12 x 12, and give you $10.00 off of shipping on larger originals. I continue to list originals on Facebook, so keep in touch!

I have licensed some of my designs to www.DiaNocheDesigns.com. DiaNoche is a great company based out of Denver, CO, which creates lighted art. Check them out and use the code “china123” in order to get $15.00 off of shipping on any item (not just mine) that you purchase. This will cover the cost of shipping on most items, except for the very largest.

Please visit my items on DiaNoche at http://bit.ly/1dK7hO2